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Animator vs. Animation III (original)

Length: 8:23

Name: Alan Becker Sex: Male Hobby: Adobe Flash YouTube: Alan Becker Twitter: @alanthebecker Facebook: AlantheBecker First Video: Unknown Last Video: Unknown

Alan Becker is a person who knows a lot about Adobe Flash. He uses Adobe for a LOT of reasons. Mostly to make his most famous video on his YouTube channel, Animator vs. Animation. 

Adobe Flash

Alan uses Adobe Flash for making awesome animations, Windows XP videos, and more. He doesn't MAKE his animations with Windows XP, though. He uses Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or maybe even Windows 8.

Animator vs. Animation

This is his most POPULAR Windows XP video. He is going to make a Kickstarter Animator vs. Animation IV (4) now, well, because his Kickstarter was a success! He is going to make it!